Northern Membership

The association is present in all ten regions of Ghana as branches with a membership of about 400 in good standing as at December 2017



Membership of the Ghana Hotels Association comes with a number of benefits, some of which are enumerated below:

  1. The association gives members a sense of belonging and creates opportunities for social and business networking
  2. The association serves as a mouthpiece for members and the hotel industry in general, as well as an advocate for improved policies and regulations for the industry
  3. The association negotiates rates for statutory fees such as Business Operating Permit, Fire Certificate Fee, , Ghana Tourism Authority Licence Fee, and royalties for use of Audio-Visual works
  4. The association provides opportunities for members to learn more about hotel management practices; and also provides access to information relevant to the hotel industry.
  5. The association provides relatively easier access to statutory stakeholders of the hotel industry such as GTA, MMDAs, EPA, and other relevant organizations etc.
  6. The association assists members to deal with challenges that confront their operations (e.g. EPA saga)
  7. The association provides services to members such as payment of statutory fees, advertising and marketing (directory and website)
  8. The association serves as a source of peer pressure for improved services and standards from members
  9. The association provides access to cheap sources of hotel supplies and accessories and also makes it possible for members to buy goods on credit.
RegionNamePhysical LocationPostal AddressPhone NumberEmail/WebsiteGrade
NorthernArewa Sunshine HotelTamaleP.O. Box 1875 Tamale0372023991/
NorthernGariba LodgeTamaleP.O.Box 541, Tamale0372 0123041garibalodge@yahoo.com2-Star
NorthernMafara HotelTamaleBox 577, Tamale0372 023303/03720
NorthernMarian HotelTamaleBox 2326, Tamale0372025446/marianhotel@yahoo.com2-Star
NorthernMA-S HotelTamaleP.O.Box 1511, Tamale0201 147086/0372 027065mashotel@gmail.com2-Star
NorthernModern City HotelTamaleBox 124, Tamale0372 027091/
NorthernModern City LodgeTamaleBox 124, Tamale0372 0244772-Star
NorthernPicorna HotelTamaleBox 1212, Tamale372 022672picornahotel@hotmail.com2-Star
NorthernPioneer Guest HouseTamaleBox 1041, Tamale0372 027783Pgl2010@yahoo.com2-Star
NorthernRelax LodgeTamaleBox 1557, Tamale0372 024981relaxlodge@yahoo.com2-Star
NorthernBigiza Court Hotel LtdTamaleBox 469,Tamale0372
NorthernB-Sheini HotelBudget
NorthernDiscovery Hotels LtdTamaleBox 2697, tamale0372 095435/0262
NorthernMajisi Court Hotel LtdTamaleBox 1262, Tamale0372 0929571majisicourt@yahoo.com1-Star
NorthernMole HotelDamongoBox 84 Damongo0244
NorthernRadach Lodge Conference Centre Ltd.TamaleP.O.Box 1313, Tamale0372 025784/ fax no.(233-3720)
NorthernSundowner LodgeTamaleBox 421, Tamale0372 024267/8sundownergh@info.com1-Star
NorthernTiyumba LodgeTamale0240 1231121-Star
NorthernUDS International Conference Centre LtdTamaleBox 1350, Tamale0372 030205udsicctamale@yahoo.com1-Star
NorthernAba guest HouseTamaleBx 538, Tamale0372 027912www.abagesthouse.comGuest House
NorthernAfrican Dream HotelTamaleBox 1207, Tamale0243 6123179/0372 091127Guest House
NorthernA-Wan GuesthouseTamaleBox 800, Tamale0372 026805/0372 026812Guest House
NorthernKlass -One CourtTamaleBox TL 128, Tamale0372 House
NorthernNasona Guest HouseTamale0372 023680/0248 234723Guest House
NorthernNsung-Naa the Great HouseTamale0244 697388Guest House
NorthernReality LodgeTamaleP.O.Box 2333, Tamale0372 027819Guest House
NorthernSandabbi Guest HouseTamaleBox 2244, Tamale0372 027054Guest House
NorthernSilver Rose Guest HouseTamaleBox 246, Tamale0372 027073guestsilverrose@yahoo.comGuest House
NorthernTreasure LodgeTamaleBox 918, Tamale0372 022421Guest House
NorthernAkma Guest HouseTamaleBox 1303, Tamale0244 894984/0372 091140Budget
NorthernAlhassan HotelTamaleBox 73, Tamale0372 023638Budget
NorthernAtta Essibi HotelTamaleBox 223, Tamale0372 022569Budget
NorthernBaobab’s Guest House LtdTamaleBox 185, Tamale0372 026271Budget
NorthernCatholic Guest HouseTamaleBox 2392, Tamale0372 022265Budget
NorthernCatholic Guest House(UNITY CENTRE)DamongoBox 81, Damongo0200 334683Budget
NorthernCentral Guest HouseTamaleBox 30, Tamale0203 131604Budget
NorthernClinton Lodge & RestaurantBudget
NorthernChestfield LodgeNaleriguBox 50, Nalerigu0201 998541Budget
NorthernChristian Council Of Ghana Guest HouseTamaleBox 391, Tamale0248 453471Budget
NorthernEl-Olam Guest HouseTamale0276 897679Budget
NorthernEsther’s Paradise GuesthouseGambagaBox 7, Gambaga0207 831161Budget
NorthernEyarro’s LodgeYendiBox 57, Yendi0248 149132/0205651793misroameemmanuel@gmail.comBudget
NorthernFusion Guest HouseYendiBox 122 Yendi0242
NorthernGrand Sophia HotelBudget
NorthernGbanzab HotelTamaleBox TL 1802 Tamale0372 027067Budget
NorthernGillbt Guest HouseTamaleBox 378, Tamale0372
NorthernGuest De FawzieTamaleBox 61, Tamale0372 024240Budget
NorthernHamdallah Hotel (annex)TamaleBox 303, Tamale0372 023228Budget
NorthernHamdallah Hotel (Main)TamaleBox 303, Tamale0372 023859Budget
NorthernHeritage HotelTamaleBox 466, Tamale0244 946730/0372 093117Budget
NorthernHome At LastSalagac/o Salaga District Hospital0208 275438Budget
NorthernJ-Salem LodgeTamale0246 716718Budget
NorthernJunior Original Guest HouseBimbillaBox 18, BimbillaBudget
NorthernKigbanmato AB&P Guest HouseDamongoBox 90, Damongo0249 705194Budget
NorthernKings Guest HouseTamaleBox 26, Tamale0372 024634/0208 380950Budget
NorthernLas HotelTamaleBox 121, Tamale0372 026097Budget
NorthernMarwal LodgeBudget
NorthernM&J Hospitality LodgeTamaleBox 99, Tamale0244 979373/0246 717031Budget
NorthernMacos HotelTamaleBox 900, Tamale0207 738803Budget
NorthernMaridon LodgeSalagaBox SL 95, Salaga0209 370808Budget
NorthernMarta-Su MemorialGambagaBox 7, Gambaga0208 385269Budget
NorthernMasagri Guest HouseWalewalec/o West Maprusi D.A0208 677186Budget
NorthernMirihca HotelTamaleBox 739, Tamale0372 022935Budget
NorthernMekspat LodgeBudget
NorthernMoonlite Lodge (Annex)WalewaleBox 39, walewale0200 554557/0208 167983/0543 565977Budget
NorthernMoonlite Lodge (Annex))TamaleBox 502, Tamale0372 096527Budget
NorthernMoonlite Lodge (Main)TamaleBox 502, Tamale0372 096487Budget
NorthernMuhad LodgeTamale0372 025112Budget
NorthernMujawal Guest HouseWalewaleBox 68 Walewale0372 096827Budget
NorthernMum&Dad Legacy LodgeBoleBox 7, Bole0540 204475Budget
NorthernMum&Dad Legacy LodgeBuipe0205 503388/0266 239965Budget
NorthernNim Avenue HotelTamaleBox 1170, Tamale0240 701076Budget
NorthernNorrip Guest HouseTamaleBox 38, Norrip0244 292572Budget
NorthernOdyssey Guest HouseTamale0244 041999Budget
NorthernOla Guest HouseTamaleBox 471, Tamale0206 447539/0247 548324Budget
NorthernRice City Hospitality Services LTDTamaleBox 423, Tamale0372
NorthernSaam HotelTamaleBox 1443, Tamale0372 024200Budget
NorthernSafui Memorial LodgeTamaleBox 2185, Tamale0545 462208/0244 606090Safuilodge@yahoo.comBudget
NorthernSamnandzo LodgeTamaleBox 1822, Tamale0244 266339/0372 023786Budget
NorthernSpring Guest HouseTamaleBox 1219, Tamale0269 178210Budget
NorthernSt Charles Guest HouseDamongo0243 415650Budget
NorthernTimu Memorial LodgeSalagaBox 96, Salaga0200 559743Budget
NorthernTropical Resort Guest HouseBudget
NorthernTranquil LodgeTamaleBox 2151, Tamale0372 025214Budget
NorthernVorsky LodgeTamaleBox 1315, Tamale0208 176115Budget
NorthernWalji LodgeTamaleBox 1020, Tamale0245 123459/0262 325657Latif2hb@yahoo.comBudget
NorthernWaml Estate LodgeTamaleBox PMB SAF,ADENTA ACCRA0372 026736Budget
NorthernWang Guest House (Hotel)Bunkpurugu024 6862597Budget
NorthernWemah Guest HouseTamaleBox 1550, Tamale0372 091376Budget
NorthernYarken LodgeTamaleBox 259, Tamale02081 415318Budget
NorthernYoo’s Guest HouseSavaleguBox 1, Savelugu0242 149401Budget
NorthernZoosimili HotelBudget

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