Volta Region Membership

The association is present in all ten regions of Ghana as branches with a membership of about 400 in good standing as at December 2017



Membership of the Ghana Hotels Association comes with a number of benefits, some of which are enumerated below:

  1. The association gives members a sense of belonging and creates opportunities for social and business networking
  2. The association serves as a mouthpiece for members and the hotel industry in general, as well as an advocate for improved policies and regulations for the industry
  3. The association negotiates rates for statutory fees such as Business Operating Permit, Fire Certificate Fee, , Ghana Tourism Authority Licence Fee, and royalties for use of Audio-Visual works
  4. The association provides opportunities for members to learn more about hotel management practices; and also provides access to information relevant to the hotel industry.
  5. The association provides relatively easier access to statutory stakeholders of the hotel industry such as GTA, MMDAs, EPA, and other relevant organizations etc.
  6. The association assists members to deal with challenges that confront their operations (e.g. EPA saga)
  7. The association provides services to members such as payment of statutory fees, advertising and marketing (directory and website)
  8. The association serves as a source of peer pressure for improved services and standards from members
  9. The association provides access to cheap sources of hotel supplies and accessories and also makes it possible for members to buy goods on credit.

List of Hotels in Volta Region

RegionNamePhysical LocationPostal AddressPhone NumberEmail/WebsiteGrade
VoltaChances HotelSokode-Lokoe, HoP.O.Box 605, Ho0362 028344/ fax no. 0362 027083Info@chanceshotel.com/www.chanceshotel.com3-Star
VoltaLorneh LodgeTegbi-KetaP.O.Box 107 Keta0362 043020/0243 230626lornehlodge@gmail.com/Info@lornehlodge.com3-Star
VoltaVilla Clisneros ResortSogakopeP.O.Box 96 Sogakope0244 330624/0362 094187/ fax no. 0244 330714cisnerosvilla2@yahoo.com/www.villacisnerosresort.com3-Star
VoltaBosatsu LodgeBudget
VoltaBob Coffie HotelHoP.O.Box 739,Ho0244 66998/0362 02815/ fax no.0362 028177Bobcofiehotel@hotmail.com/ www.bobcofiehotel.com2-Star
VoltaBowman PlazaBudget
VoltaHotel StevensHohoeP.O.Box 516,Ho0362 02730hotelstevens211@gmail.com2-Star
VoltaOmega Complex HotelAgbozumeP.O.Box AZ 490248 132781Omegacomplexhotel@hotmail.com/www.oegacomplexgh.com2-Star
VoltaShekiriah Glory HotelSogakofeBox SK 196, Sogakofe0547 392309Shekiriahglory@yahoo.com2-Star
VoltaSky Plus HotelWeta Hills, HoP.O.ox HP 626, Ho0289 000900/0362 091474Info@skyplushotel.com2-Star
VoltaAgbor LodgeVui-Keta0362 6423791-Star
VoltaGalaxy LodgeHohoeP.O.Box 596,Hohoe0362 72053314/0241 167479galaxylodge@gmail.com1-Star
VoltaGateway HotelNkwantaP.O.Box 64, Nkwanta0246 5560361-Star
VoltaHotel De PasmayHohoe3627206041 star
VoltaHotel Johnson's InnKpandoKD 114, Kpando3623504641 star
VoltaHotel LiberteAflaoP.O.Box 337,Afloa0362 531260/0244 1824701-Star
VoltaHotel Valey PalacioPeki DzakeP.O.Box 8, Peki Dzake GT 1574, Accra0544 354865vllcahot@yahoo.com1-Star
VoltaHotel VilcabambaDenuP.O.Box 73 Denu0362 5354/0242 624823vilcahot@yahoo.com1-Star
VoltaHotorKpando1 star
VoltaKekeli HotelsHoP.O. Box 224, HO0362 026670epkeli@yahoo.com1-Star
VoltaLawnia HotelWortoe-Voradep Village, HoP.O.Box HP 300, Ho0302 025585/0208 6348131-Star
VoltaPindrop HotelAnlogaP.O.Box 16, Anloga0203 020987/0546 704096pindropanloga@gmail.com1-Star
VoltaRestel HotelHoP.O.Box HP 1024,Ho0362 0285591-Star
VoltaTaurus HotelHoP.O.Box NA 251 Ho0289 722001-Star
VoltaVolta Paradise HotelAkatsiP.O.Box 270203 2229761-Star
VoltaWhite Dove HotelDzdze FenyiP.O.Box 4 Dzodze0243 8190571-Star
VoltaWoezor HotelHoBox HP 339,Ho0362 028339/0201 073063woezorhotel@yahoo.com/ fax no. 0362 0266401-Star
VoltaBuela GuestHouseHo \ 0362 025184Guest House
VoltaEmatol Time TellsBudget
VoltaEver Green LodgeHohoeP.O.Box 292, Hohoe0362 720289/ 0268 425006Guest House
VoltaNobado InnKpekpo Sogakopec/o Box 89, Sogakope0265 921474/ 0208 120989Guest House
VoltaRocklyne HotelHo,near Miracle Life ClinicBox HP 510,Ho0234 148805rocklynehotel@gmail.comGuest House
VoltaShielda LodgeHosita Community,HoP.O.Box 642,HO0246 16064/0208 251024Guest House
VoltaAbbina LodgeAfloaBudget
VoltaAbraerica Hospitalities & ToursAmedzofeP.O.Box 41, Amedzofe0547 752361/0268 128120abraeicahospitalities@yahoo.comBudget
VoltaAthlantic BreezeBudget
VoltaAbutia Guest HouseAbutia-WoeBox 166,Keta0243 230650/0246 984499Budget
VoltaAdom Guest HouseHohoe=AhadoP.O.Box 472, Hohoe0362 720289/0268 424006Budget
VoltaAfegame Guest HouseGbi=kledjoP.O.Box Hohoe0362 099935Budget
VoltaAlinda HotelHo, AhoeP.O.Box TN 2060 Teshie Nungua,Accra0247 686914cornelius44@gmail.comBudget
VoltaAshtown Guest HouseAloryi-KpandoBox 259,Kpando0362 350699Budget
VoltaBig Foot Safari LodgeBox Bt 777, C.2 Tema0204 431744/0207 882334Info@bigfootsafarilodge.com/www.bigfootsafarilodge.comBudget
VoltaBishop Konings Social CenterSokode-Lokoe0362 028477Budget
VoltaBuggie HotelKpetoeP.O.Box 260246 578475Budget
VoltaCatherine's LodgeKpando-Tsakpe NewtownP.O.Box 161 Kpando0242 809030Budget
VoltaCedes Guest HouseGabi-KpandoBox AN 12162, Accra0508 028085cedesguesthouse@gmail.comBudget
VoltaCommville Guest HousePeki- AfeviofeP.O.Box 182,Tema0240 100529Budget
VoltaDanny TofBudget
VoltaDamawo LodgeSogakopeP.O.Box 68 Sogakope0205 607932/0244 382199Budget
VoltaDey LodgeAnlogaP.O.Box 22 Anloga0243 927568Budget
VoltaDorllah Guest HouseHo, AhoeP.O.Box 619, Ho0362 026141Budget
VoltaDecode LodgeBudget
VoltaDzigbordi LodgeAnlogaP.O.Box AW 37,Anloga0243 283131Budget
VoltaEsenam HotelAdodomeP.O.Box 50244 772657Budget
VoltaFabom Guest HouseP.O.Box 10, Sovie0208 181117Budget
VoltaFreedom Hotel2Star
VoltaFafaedmar GuestHouseSokode-GbogameBox 25 Ho VR0249 759291/0362 090924Budget
VoltaFirst Class Guest HouseKpando0247 490670Budget
VoltaGerund HotelBudget
VoltaGershmay Unique Guest HouseVe-DaforP.O.Box 36,Ve kolokvati0287 207780Budget
VoltaGrand HotelHohoeP.O.Box 550,0362 722053/0208n1745570godanq@yahoo.comBudget
VoltaGrans LodgeHohe-kpoetaP.O.Box 570. Hohoe0201 836541Budget
VoltaHebron Guest HouseSogakope244896294Budget
VoltaHapoovers HotelBudget
VoltaHotel Stevens2-star
VoltaHide-Out Guest HouseKpogloBox AS 123,Ashaiman0244 625918/0208 895853Budget
VoltaHonest Royals HotelDzodze243135495Budget
VoltaHonolulu GuestDenu Tokorp.o box 100 Aflao26778464Budget
VoltaHotel De MorkHohoe -Kpocetap.o box 360 hohoe03627-22082/0245727170Budget
VoltaHotel Work And HappinessHop.o box hp 1381362025422Budget
VoltaKeen HotelHoP.O.Box MA 327Budget
VoltaKepsons Guest HouseAkatsiP.O.Box KW 339 Keta0546 605448/0244 244674www.hotelkeen.web.comBudget
VoltaKiti Guest HouseHohoe -KitikpaP.O.Box 569,hohoe0207682122/0544099066Budget
VoltaKeta BeachBudget
VoltaKplom Dedie HotelAflaoP.O.Box 91 Aflao0362530265/0244521161Budget
VoltaKekeli HotelsBudget
VoltaLackham LodgeBowiri-Amanfrom0243 856359/0541 294250Budget
VoltaLorata Guest HouseTegbiBox 395, Tegbi0362 642393/0243 039074Budget
VoltaLord HotelHoP.O.Box 1240362 025240Budget
VoltaM. Greater Grace Guest HouseGbi-wegbe0207 695916/0247 631745Budget
VoltaMac Hill HotelHohoeBox 6, HohoeBudget
VoltaMelody G/HBudget
VoltaMadison Square GardensDzodzeP.O.Box 40, Dzodze0362 094021/0362 091183/0244 117986Budget
VoltaMagava HotelAkatsiP.O.Box 194 Akatsi0541 433182Budget
VoltaMai-Victory Guest HouseWhati0244 062813/02029 821099Budget
VoltaMalisel HotelHo lp.o.box196289526304Budget
VoltaMatvin HotelHohoeP.O.Box 397 Hohoe0362 722134Budget
VoltaMayflower Guest HouseHo adjacent Ola schoolp.o.box 408,Ho0208120117/0362027265Budget
VoltaMeet Me There Guest HouseDzitaP.O.Box KW 4, Keta0541 838387Budget
VoltaModern Guest HouseSogakopeSK 128244152190Budget
VoltaMoline Guest HouseAflaop.o .box 369 Aflao024540638/0244219296Budget
VoltaMountain Paradise HotelBiakpap.o.box Ds 11 Dansoman Estate0244166226/0208137086/0208198505Budget
VoltaPacific Guest HouseHohoe-blaveP.O.Box 301,hohoe03627-22146/ 0243219565Budget
VoltaPax Guest HouseTokor-DenuBox 1,Denu0274 573093/0285 440182/0362 191012Budget
VoltaPerfect Peace PalaceAkatsip.o box 111 Akati249589337Budget
VoltaPhils Plaza1-Star
VoltaPique Nique Guest HouseHohoe -blaP.o.box 301,hohoe0362095861/0206545962Budget
VoltaPee Gin HotelBudget
VoltaPleasant Dreams HotelKpetoeP.o.box 48 kpetoe0244591791/0240874114Budget
VoltaPleasure Gardens HotelPleasure Gardens, HoBox 438 Ho0244 020756Budget
VoltaPrince HotelAflaoP.O.BOX 95246059634Budget
VoltaRefco MotelKpando0541 915888/0204 495575Budget
VoltaRoyal MasitoBudget
VoltaRovers Return InnLikpe bakwa243829065Budget
VoltaSame Sisters Guest HouseKpando-kondaP.O.Box 325,Kpando0362 93125samesisters@yahoo.comBudget
VoltaSheild LodgeBudget
VoltaSancoway Guest HouseHohoeP.O.Box 497, Hohoe0241 034770Budget
VoltaSimon HotelKete-KrachiP.O.Box 38, Kete-krachi0540 735766Budget
VoltaShakina Glory2-star
VoltaSitsofe LodgeAborBox TN 222,Accra0231 050867/0242 629934Budget
VoltaSocom LodgeSogakofeP.O.Box 390244 828270Budget
VoltaStaise Guest HouseAdidomeBox 1,Adidome0543 860931Budget
VoltaTarso HotelHoP.O.Box 6, Ho0362 26732Budget
VoltaTaste LodgeHohoe-GboxomeP.O.Box 495, Hohoe0362 722023/0208 162925Budget
VoltaTayco LodgeHo-New HousiniP.O.Box HP 6, Ho0362 025556/0265 114060Budget
VoltaThanks HotelAflaoP.O.Box 107 Afloa0362 530983/0244 429302Budget
VoltaTsisa Guest HouseDzelucopeP.O.Box 191 DzelukopeBudget
VoltaTypical Guest HouseKpando-AziaveP.O.Box 2000201 014333Budget
VoltaUptown GraceAkatsiP.O.Box 360246 950971/0243 305656Ovisatui957@yahoo.comBudget
VoltaVolta View HotelSogakopeP.O.Box 770244 023309/0244 884659Budget
VoltaVowviac RRCHoP.O.Box MA 2200362 026500Budget
VoltaWilkado Hotel1-star
VoltaWli Falls LodgeWli-AsegameP.O.Box 133,Hohoe0289 547459bernhard.hagspid@ghanacamping.comBudget
VoltaWli Water HeightsWi asegameP.O.Box 63, Hohoe0209 9119152wliheights@yahoo.comBudget
VoltaWork and Happiness HotelDome-HoBox HP 1381,Ho0208 163256Budget
VoltaYesu Ko Guest HouseAnfoega-AkukomeP.O.Box 2, Anfoega0362 09115Budget

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