Upper West Region Membership

The association is present in all ten regions of Ghana as branches with a membership of about 400 in good standing as at December 2017



Membership of the Ghana Hotels Association comes with a number of benefits, some of which are enumerated below:

  1. The association gives members a sense of belonging and creates opportunities for social and business networking
  2. The association serves as a mouthpiece for members and the hotel industry in general, as well as an advocate for improved policies and regulations for the industry
  3. The association negotiates rates for statutory fees such as Business Operating Permit, Fire Certificate Fee, , Ghana Tourism Authority Licence Fee, and royalties for use of Audio-Visual works
  4. The association provides opportunities for members to learn more about hotel management practices; and also provides access to information relevant to the hotel industry.
  5. The association provides relatively easier access to statutory stakeholders of the hotel industry such as GTA, MMDAs, EPA, and other relevant organizations etc.
  6. The association assists members to deal with challenges that confront their operations (e.g. EPA saga)
  7. The association provides services to members such as payment of statutory fees, advertising and marketing (directory and website)
  8. The association serves as a source of peer pressure for improved services and standards from members
  9. The association provides access to cheap sources of hotel supplies and accessories and also makes it possible for members to buy goods on credit.
RegionNamePhysical LocationPostal AddressPhone NumberEmail/WebsiteGrade
Upper WestUpland Hotel LtdKpaguri Residential AreaP.O.Box 3080392 22180/fax no.03920 207012-Star
Upper WestCatholic Diocesan Guest houseDokpong WaP.O.Box 4703920 22375/0205 365094wacathguest-hse@yahoo.com1-Star
Upper WestIn-service Training CenterSombo,WaBox 229, Wa03920 22469/fax no.03920 22469www.inservicetraningcenter,wa.com1-Star
Upper WestJAM Guest HouseChekor, WaP.O.Box 47503920 21920/0243 219779jamguesthouse@yahoo.com/jamguesthouse@gmail.cm1-Star
Upper WestQueens Valley HotelNapobakole, WaBox 4840277 806621/31-Star
Upper WestBlue Hill
Upper WestGrand Hyatt
Upper WestB.N. Royal LodgeTendamba, WaP.O.Box 210206 924614/0200 556623Budget
Upper WestBig White LodgeKomblehe-WaP.O.Box 62103920 91510Budget
Upper WestBlessed Mary of the Passion Guest HouseJirapaBox 100278 427716Budget
Upper WestController Guest HouseDegu Residential Area, WaP.O.Box 2803920 22213Budget
Upper WestDe-Loudes Guest House
Upper WestNuoyong Hotel
Upper WestDestiny Guest HouseSombo, WaP.O.Box 62003920 21286/0208 722495Budget
Upper WestDistrict Assembly Guest HouseLawraP.O.Box 230209 211705/0269 265075Budget
Upper WestDubie Hill Top HotelTumuP.O.Box 870207 074516/0204 082560Budget
Upper WestFranquai Guest HouseSSNIT- Flatsc/o P.O.Box 70547 070426Budget
Upper WestHotel Du PondFadama, WaP.O.Box 56303920 20018Budget
Upper WestNumbu Hotel
Upper WestJamboree LodgeTendamba, WaP.O.Box 21303920 22440Budget
Upper WestKedge LodgeWapaani, Wap.o.bOX 3630207 978121Budget
Upper WestKunateh LodgeKaabanye, WaP.O.Box 11, Wa03920 22102kunatehlodge@gmail.comBudget
Upper WestMaarong Pognaa-yir Guest HouseJirapaP.O.Box 60209 237321/0204 847682Budget
Upper WestNgmankuri Gateway LodgeJirapaP.O.Box 140205 684468/0209 943195Budget
Upper WestNumbu HotelDobile0392 020460Budget
Upper WestOlamsco LodgeSombo, Wa0206 683225Budget
Upper WestPet Vero Guest HouseKpaguri, WaBox 4870545 201969Budget
Upper WestSalite Guest HouseTumuBox 9803920 92616/0208 299343Budget
Upper WestSeinu HotelWapaani, WaBox 14, Wa0243 151141Budget
Upper WestSem. B LodgeBamahu, WaBox 14, Wa0209 837214Budget
Upper WestSildep Guest HouseTumuBox 780274 330746/0208 977865margrit-frempong@sil.orgBudget
Upper WestTanjia Guest HouseGwolluP.O.Box 9. Gwollu0206 398283/0203 196892Budget
Upper WestTraditional Touch innDokpong, WaBox 53503920 20879/0244 744351/0203 338480Budget
Upper WestVictory LodgeKpaguri Residential AreaP.O.Box 3600542 18222/0207 075346Budget
Upper WestYelture Guest HouseNandom0244 180692/0263 245419Budget
Upper WestPelican Hotel
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