Accra Membership

The association is present in all ten regions of Ghana as branches with a membership of about 400 in good standing as at December 2017



Membership of the Ghana Hotels Association comes with a number of benefits, some of which are enumerated below:

  1. The association gives members a sense of belonging and creates opportunities for social and business networking
  2. The association serves as a mouthpiece for members and the hotel industry in general, as well as an advocate for improved policies and regulations for the industry
  3. The association negotiates rates for statutory fees such as Business Operating Permit, Fire Certificate Fee, , Ghana Tourism Authority Licence Fee, and royalties for use of Audio-Visual works
  4. The association provides opportunities for members to learn more about hotel management practices; and also provides access to information relevant to the hotel industry.
  5. The association provides relatively easier access to statutory stakeholders of the hotel industry such as GTA, MMDAs, EPA, and other relevant organizations etc.
  6. The association assists members to deal with challenges that confront their operations (e.g. EPA saga)
  7. The association provides services to members such as payment of statutory fees, advertising and marketing (directory and website)
  8. The association serves as a source of peer pressure for improved services and standards from members
  9. The association provides access to cheap sources of hotel supplies and accessories and also makes it possible for members to buy goods on credit.
RegionNamePhysical LocationPostal AddressPhone NumberGrade
Greater AccraOak Plaza HotelEast AirportCT 5248 Accra, Ghana0302816460-33-Star
Greater AccraRoyal Richester HotelEast LegonC 3532, Cantoments0302520784/5 03025207863-Star
Greater AccraCrown Liberty HotelAplaku HillsWJ 997, Weija0302852725/0272633761/03028527262-Star
Greater AccraLabadi Beach HotelLaTF 1 Accra0302772501/ Fax 03027725205-Star
Greater AccraMovenpick Ambasador hotelIndependent AvenuePMB CT 343, Accra0302611000/ Fax 03026110015-Star
Greater AccraFiesta Royale HotelNorth DzorwuluPMB 1630302740811/ Fax 03025175564-Star
Greater AccraGolden Tulip HotelCantoments16033, Airpot0302213161/ Fax 03027753614-Star
Greater AccraLa Palm Royal Beach HotelLaOS 3000 Accra0302215111, 0302215100/ Fax 03022151224-Star
Greater AccraNovotel HotelAccraAN 12700, Accra0302633863/ Fax 03026675334-Star
Greater AccraAfrican Regent HotelAirpoot WestCT 61430302765180-2/770442 Fax 03027665003-Star
Greater AccraAlisa HotelNorth RidgeP.O. Box1111 North Ridge233(0)302-214233/214-2443-Star
Greater AccraG S Plaza HotelPlot 26, South LegonPlot 26 South Legon, Accra Ghana3025015493-Star
Greater AccraHoliday InnAirport cityCantoments, Accra0302740930/03027852123-Star
Greater AccraAfrican Royal Beach HotelNunguaP.O. Box TN 1009 Teshie Nungua2-Star
Greater AccraAirport View HotelAirport Res. AreaP.O.Box OS 1838 Osu-Accra0302 769594/780341/ Fax no. 0302 7803422-Star
Greater AccraAirport West HotelAirport Res. AreaP.O.Box KIA 30675 Airport0302 785113/7713882-Star
Greater AccraAirside HotelAirport Res. AreaP.O.Box CT 1570 Cantonment0302 783844/ 0244 323226/ Fax no. 0302 7857682-Star
Greater AccraAngehill HotelEast LegonBox KIA61,KIA0302 517514/15/024350322 fax;0302 7720062-Star
Greater AccraCentral Hotel MainRidgeP.O.Box CT 4444, Accra0302 7010600/ 0302 58257 Fax no. 0302 7666962-Star
Greater AccraCharleston HotelTesanoP.O.Box 16259, KIA Accra0302 240170/2052-Star
Greater AccraCoconut Groove Regency HotelNorth RidgeP.O.Box CT 3998, Cantoments, Accra0302 225155/Fax no. 0302 2301402-Star
Greater AccraCrown Apartmento HotelAirport Res. AreaP.O.Box C 3098, Cantoment0302 7717122-Star
Greater AccraCrystal Palm HotelTesanoP.O.Box 19260, Accra North2436900152-Star
Greater AccraCrystal Palm Hotel 2TesanoP.O.Box 19260, Accra North0243 6900152-Star
Greater AccraDe Holiday HotelKokrobiteP.O.Box AN 6024, Accra North0302 1920710-11/0208 953876/ 0302 18512527-82-Star
Greater AccraEastoment GuestHouseEast cantomentBox CT1318 Cantoment0217 73541 fax:0217 621092-Star
Greater AccraEllking HotelEast Legon144030302518690/4, 0243690117 Fax 030257886952-Star
Greater AccraErata HotelEast LegonP. O. Box GP 89495443367612-Star
Greater AccraForest HotelDodowaP.O.Box 17492 Accra0302 2016111/ 0202 0160442-Star
Greater AccraForest View HotelNorth Dzowulu (Dahoma street)NG 210 Nungua Accra0289 5554012-Star
Greater AccraGrand CasamoraAdjiringanorMP 14840302502322,02761212122-Star
Greater AccraHill View HotelMcCarthy Hill12541, Accra -North3070125012-Star
Greater AccraHotel Bay ViewNew WeijaBox KN 2171, Kaneshie0302 910632-Star
Greater AccraJaria HotelEast LegonCT 1095, Accra0302519301 Fax 03025193012-Star
Greater AccraKingsby Hotel LimitedNew Achimota5496, Accra North3024007422-Star
Greater AccraLa Villa Boutique HotelOsuP.O.Box CT 6256, Accra0302 730334-6 Fax no. 03022337303332-Star
Greater AccraLe Baron HotelEast Legon67100302520701-2/02433544882-Star
Greater AccraMariset Plaza HotelOsu-Ako AdjeiP.O.Box 0608 Osu Accra0302 774542/ 030271444342-Star
Greater AccraMaxlot HotelKokomlemleP.O. Box DS 1690, Dansoman0302 244285 Fax no. 0302 2442322-Star
Greater AccraMeaglent HotelAdenta Pantang JunctionAF 1166 Adenta0302 942340/ 0240 2976762-Star
Greater AccraMidindi HotelCantomentsBox 2819, Accra Gh0302 7700072-Star
Greater AccraMiklin HotelEast Legon17191, Accra3025007082-Star
Greater AccraMirage Royale HotelEast LegonCT 280, Cantoment0302252070/1 Fax 03025205792-Star
Greater AccraMJ Grand HotelEast LegonAN 12853, Accra North3025442112-Star
Greater AccraMonarch HotelEast LegonCT 574, Cantoment0302518653/4 03070136282-Star
Greater AccraOasis LodgeAirport WestBox 10254, Accra0302 7706272-Star
Greater AccraPekan HotelsEast Legon IPS downCT 13890302 519588/ 0307 0118252-Star
Greater AccraRamada ResortNuguaBox 1991, Accra0302717235,0302-7172392-Star
Greater AccraSam's Cottage HotelDzorwuluP.O.Box 446 Legon0302 948087/ 0273 3944432-Star
Greater AccraSun Lodge HotelTesanoAN 6909, Accra North3022422382-Star
Greater AccraSusana LodgeEast cantomentsP.O.Box CT 5386 Cantoments-Accra0302 785962/786034 fax:0302 7839432-Star
Greater AccraTadomah HotelSouth OfankorBox 107 mile 7, Achimota0302 415557/415558/0208 1280522-Star
Greater AccraThe Congress HotelAirport Res. AreaP.O.Box CT 71, Cantonments0302 7407502-Star
Greater AccraTravel Xpress HotelNorth DzorwuluCT 1557 Cantoment0302520075-8 Fax 03025200742-Star
Greater AccraUnique Palace HotelLartebiokoshie1919 Accra Ghana0302670660/632/671, 0544673895 Fax 03026706602-Star
Greater AccraAdasa Royal HotelEast Legon48370302520842/02430022481-Star
Greater AccraApaade LodgeTesanoP.O.Box AT 2035, Achimota, Accra0302 2358641-Star
Greater AccraChase HotelNew GbaweKN 198, Kaneshie2448923831-Star
Greater AccraKeegee HotelTrantra HillBox NB 225, NII BOI TOWN0302 402506 0265 309247 Fax 0302 4013671-Star
Greater AccraLa Vista HotelGbawe - zeroML755, Malam0302332895/024945417421-Star
Greater AccraLuxury West HotelAdenta Frafraha28790302506425/6, 0206650004 Fax 03025064271-Star
Greater AccraMascot HotelDansoman1618 Mamprobi2053157041-Star
Greater AccraRoyal Granada HotelAirport Res.AreaP.O.Box 7354 Accra0302 775341-Star
Greater AccraTribeca HotelEast Legon12023025436831-Star
Greater AccraPentagon InnCantomentsc/o Box CT 5861Cantoments0302c781075Guest House
Greater AccraAccra City Hotel4-star
Greater AccraAirport Grand Luxury Lodge & ApartmentAirport Res. AccraP.O.Box AN 5133, Accra0302 7808212-Star
Greater AccraAlexander Plaza HotelOsu Ring Way EstatesBox 5999,accra-north3029721322-Star
Greater AccraBlue Royal HotelOsuan 6263,accra-north0302969336,030227830762-Star
Greater AccraBrookvale HotelSampa ValleyP.O.Box 2266 Accra0302 853443/ 0201 651131/ 0302 8534442-Star
Greater AccraDown Town HotelWest Legon625, Nsawam549164732-Star
Greater AccraEarl Beam HotelDzorwulu0302783970/7705232-Star
Greater AccraEl-Elyon HotelOsuBox 2416, Cantonments, Accra2466676802-Star
Greater AccraEsther's HotelAirport Res. AreaP.O.Box CT 4040 Cantoments0302 772368/ Fax no.0302 7657512-Star
Greater AccraForest Gate HotelEast Legon0302522093/02330443902-Star
Greater AccraGreen Oak HotelOsuF 436/2 Lokko Rd0302760169/02481103192-Star
Greater AccraHigh Gate HotelAsylum Down0302946690/02436904602-Star
Greater AccraHis Majesty's HotelLaBox 9311, Airport0302 772225/0244 315380 fax: 0302 7720062-Star
Greater AccraHoliday HotelDzorwulu8457, Accra0302713660/12-Star
Greater AccraKorkdam HotelNew AchimotaBox AT 49, Achimota0302 40033213/400916 fax:0302 4002592-Star
Greater AccraMaple Leaf HotelNew AchimotaAt 79, Achimota0302400185 Fax 03024009492-Star
Greater AccraNiagara HotelAdabrakaP.O.Box 4079,Accra0302 230118 Fax no. 0302 2081192-Star
Greater AccraNogahil HotelDorwuluCT 115 Cantoment2895200002-Star
Greater AccraOak Plaza HotelEast LegonCt 52480302518846-7 Fax 02443137362-Star
Greater AccraOak Plaza HotelSpintex Road3-star
Greater AccraOrchid HospitalityRidgeAN5376,Accra-North0302231299/020323567232-Star
Greater AccraOscarpak Royal HotelWest Legon343 Accra0302409104/5, 0302959090 Fax 03024201202-Star
Greater AccraPaloma HotelSpintex RoadP.O.Box 02394, Osu0303 405301/32-Star
Greater AccraPaloma Hotel & SuitesKokomlemleP.O.Box 02934,Osu0302 872200/0244 337090 Fax no. 0302 2318152-Star
Greater AccraParadise Lodge2-Star
Greater AccraPenta HotelOSUbox 7354,accra ghana0302774529,03027608122-Star
Greater AccraRayporsh HotelAbelenkpeDTD 190302766657/02897666572-Star
Greater AccraRelax Court HotelAbelenkpeCT 1569 Cantoment0302779019 Fax 03027789012-Star
Greater AccraRobinhood InnSpintex RoadP.O. Box 16053 KIA0328 16251/4 Fax no. 03028 16248192-Star
Greater AccraRoots Apartment HotelsOsuP.O.Box KA 1520307 0132762-Star
Greater AccraSSNIT Guest House0suBox MB 149, Ministries0302225366,03022258792-Star
Greater AccraSt Martins HotelSouth- Odorkor13236 Accra030231721314/02442257272-Star
Greater Accra17th January HotelWest LegonBox 117 Cantonments0302 410998/0243 975560/0302 4109991-Star
Greater AccraAccra Central View HotelKokomlemleP.O.Box 14272,Accra0302 2334121-Star
Greater AccraAchea's Guest HouseNew AchimotaAn 11013, Accra North0289102272/0302410607/03024130131-Star
Greater AccraAfia Beach HotelVictoriaborgP.O.Box 14131, Accra-centres0302 681465/ 0243 955931-Star
Greater AccraAl-Huda Guest HouseDome Pillar 20302416823 Fax 03024000571-Star
Greater AccraAmpiaba Executive LodgeAwudomeBox 7220, Accra0302 2525791-Star
Greater AccraAmpomaah Tourist HomeEast Legon777, Kaneshie0302507487/8, Fax: 0302215074891-Star
Greater AccraAristocrat HotelEast LegonGP 13652, Accra0243184447/03025442341-Star
Greater AccraAwet HotelOsuP.O.Box 239, Accra0243 251225/ 0302 9237961-Star
Greater AccraBella Luxury HotelSpintex RoadPMB 7,spintex03022950225,05092256051-Star
Greater AccraBlue Diamond HotelTaifaDC 455, Dansoman3024318121-Star
Greater AccraByblos hotelOSUGP 6878,ACCRA NORTH0302782250,030278233201-Star
Greater AccraCapital Court HotelTesanoP.O.Box 7279, Accra2712883511-Star
Greater AccraCarlton HotelAdjiringanoCT 12720548992711/03025197591-Star
Greater AccraCentral Hotel -AnnexNear Woodin 16th Lane Down OsuP.O.Box CT 44440302 7666061-Star
Greater AccraDeon HotelLaP.O.Box CT 3945, Accra0302 7650071-Star
Greater AccraDokua Royal HotelPokuase-ACP2814, Accra3070316571-Star
Greater AccraDot's InnLaboneBox AN 78800245 9167101-Star
Greater AccraEast Gate HotelEast Legon30273, Airport0302507441, Fax 03025442401-Star
Greater AccraEvita HotelNorth KaneshieP.O Box NK 67, N.K0302258444/4281-Star
Greater AccraFair View HotelTabora, No.2AT 2106, Achimota0302402657, 0302402585, 02020190301-Star
Greater AccraFamily Life HotelNorth Dzowulu CDP.O. Box GP 14499 Accra0302 944680/ 0244 3519431-Star
Greater AccraForte Royale HotelLartebiokoshie9105 KIA0302675508/0244368058 Fax 03026843251-Star
Greater AccraFrancophil HotelParakuo EstateBox 19279, Accra0244 7138341-Star
Greater AccraGolden Chariot HotelKpeneP.O.Box 291, Accra North0302 241194 Fax no.0302 2481541-Star
Greater AccraGolden Simcha HotelAdoyono off SpintexBox CO 2673, Tema0266 1088521-Star
Greater AccraGolden Spoon HotelTesanoP.O.Box 5797,Accra North0302 9462651-Star
Greater AccraGoldwater HotelDome12889 Accra3024032131-Star
Greater AccraGrand View HotelAccra CentralP.O.Box KN 196.Kaneshie Accra0302 674400/ Fax no. 0302 6752001-Star
Greater AccraGreat Ebenezer HotelWest KwabenyaBox 2024, Achimota0302 913203 0242 6623361-Star
Greater AccraGye Nyame HotelAsylum DownP.O.Box 8820,Accra North0302 2233211-Star
Greater AccraHarrod's International HotelSpintex Road0302 812492/ Fax no. 0302 8220551-Star
Greater AccraHill Top HotelMaamobi7791 Accra- North0302248444 Fax 03022484441-Star
Greater Accra Hill View HotelDzorwulu12541 Accra-North3029845171 star
Greater AccraHotel Ado-doNorth KanesheP.O.Box KN 584 North Kaneshie0302 247211/ 0244 7461781-Star
Greater AccraHotel ObamaEast LegonAn 84633025005771-Star
Greater AccraJoy Family LodgePokuaseAH 1322, Achimota0501289170/0244601003/02433681491-Star
Greater AccraKing David HotelKokomlemleP.O.Box 10323, Accra North0302 2252801-Star
Greater AccraKings Royal Atlantic HotelSouth Labadi Estate0302782951/02444931221 star
Greater AccraLa Cle D'or HotelNew Achimota389, Mile 7 Achimota0248001392/03029186951-Star
Greater AccraLavender LodgeAirport Res. AccraP.O.Box BTD, Cantonment Accra0302 247211/ 0244 7461781-Star
Greater AccraLinnhurst LodgeAirport Res. AccraP.O.Box GP 02005 Accra0302 771247/ Fax 0302 7820731-Star
Greater AccraLovista HotelHaatso05551, Osu0244019789, 03025193651-Star
Greater AccraLuxurious Payless HotelNorth Kaneshie1561, Cantoments3022426381-Star
Greater AccraM & D Prestige HotelAnyaaGP 2266, Accra2447693921-Star
Greater AccraMaglab HotelKwasiebuBox 490 Kaneshie0248 45945/0302 4319581-Star
Greater AccraMaglab HotelNorth - West Odorkor490 Kaneshie0248454845/03024319581-Star
Greater AccraMascot HotelNorth KaneshieMP 1618, Mamprobi Accra0302313530-2 Fax 03023135331-Star
Greater AccraModak LodgeNew Gbawe14516, Accra2609034431-Star
Greater AccraNova HotelOsu-Kuku HillP.O.Box CT 4900, Cantonments, Accra0302 7755791-Star
Greater AccraOkera InnOsuBox 2783, Osu Accra0302 7706821-Star
Greater AccraOlive Heights HotelWest LegonAH 205 Achimota0302402543/3444171-Star
Greater AccraPaloma HotelNorth Industrial Area02394, Osu-Accra03022228700 Fax 03022318151-Star
Greater AccraPenwood HotelTesanoAH 1004, Achimota3022237141-Star
Greater AccraPrime ApartmentMataheko1707 Kaneshie0546205620/026667544771-Star
Greater AccraQueen Victoria Guest HouseAbavana Down47%0 Accra3029122111-Star
Greater AccraRoyal Derby HotelKwashiebuAN 6643, Accra-North0240798690/0302401948 Fax 03024153421-Star
Greater AccraRoyal Gold Executive HotelWeija AmanfromKN 6212 Accra0244367558/03028632291-Star
Greater AccraSalmarise HotelNorth LegonCT 89, Cantonments0302520730, 05435670731-Star
Greater AccraSelina LodgeEast LegonMB 268, Ministries Accra0302505322/506179 Fax 03025061791-Star
Greater AccraSerene View HotelKwabenya0302956058/0245430756/02494371381-Star
Greater AccraShonbi HotelAkwetemanAN 1563, Accra-North0244142099/03024116561-Star
Greater AccraSkyline Guest HouseMadinaCT 18030302519338/9, 0572901931-Star
Greater AccraSpintex InnBaatsonaaCT62423028171711-Star
Greater AccraTakoma HotelAmrahiaP.O.Box Af 969 Adenta0244 6822541-Star
Greater AccraTenko Plaza HotelEast LegonDTD 217, Cantoment0302579522/231-Star
Greater AccraTransit LodgeCantomentsBox 12125, Accra North0302 7751641-Star
Greater AccraWeema HotelAdentaMD 694 Madina0302 29121691-Star
Greater AccraAcacia Guest LodgeHaatso, Ecomog11492, Accra0302935562, 0201799848Guest House
Greater AccraAcacia Guest LodgeNorth KanesheP.O.Box 11492 Accra-n-North0302 231175/238972Guest House
Greater AccraAdogate Guest HouseNew AchimotaM 478, Accra547008195Guest House
Greater AccraAfricana Guest HouseAbeka LapazNB208, Niiboi Town245435003Guest House
Greater AccraAfriyie Trinity Guest HouseAshongman EstateAN 12562, Accra-North289519235Guest House
Greater AccraAgblor Guest houseKwashiebu90, Trade Fair, Accra243354486Guest House
Greater AccraAlpha LodgeMadinac/o IPS Legon244216380Guest House
Greater AccraAsod Guest HouseNew Achimota14084, Achimota03024030641/0244677988Guest House
Greater AccraAwo Konadu Guest HouseAdjiringanoGP 4923, Accra3022540109Guest House
Greater AccraBig Apple De Guest HouseAplakuKN 6368, Kaneshie0269609500/0302982138Guest House
Greater AccraCesia LodgeNorth Legon5950, Cantonments30251709516Guest House
Greater AccraCity Centre Guest HouseAsylum DownP.O.Box KD 354 Kanda0572 291750Guest House
Greater AccraClub 1900 Beach Guest HouseNunguaNG 413, AccraGuest House
Greater AccraCommodore Guest HouseAbelenkpePO.Box AN 6701, Accra0302 778527/ 779229Guest House
Greater AccraDC Royal HotelDansomanDC 51, Dansoman24431345Guest House
Greater AccraDiplomat Guest HouseDzorwuluBox CT 8744 Accra0302 787040Guest House
Greater AccraEast Legon Guest HouseEast LegonKD 649, Kanda302501760Guest House
Greater AccraEcoute LodgeDansoman2811, Osu Accra03023032117/0246433912Guest House
Greater AccraEcstacy Royal HotelAgbogbaLG 635, Kwabenya0302500684, 0206448666Guest House
Greater AccraElmeiz Guest HouseDansoman7384 Dansoman0302235005/0208915269Guest House
Greater AccraEmpress Guest HouseNorth LegonNo. 7, Kofi Annan Ave.0302521822, 026684000, 026284001Guest House
Greater AccraExclusive C and J Guest HouseHaatsoAD 268, Adabraka0302561922, 0242577213Guest House
Greater AccraGolden Crest LodgeEast LegonAN 12066, Accra0302520476/7Guest House
Greater AccraGolden Lemon GuestHouseTesanoP.O.Box NG 44, Nungua0302 231747Guest House
Greater AccraHeadlines HospitalityLaboneBox 581 Accra0302 772179Guest House
Greater AccraHotel FeladeiAshaley BotweMD A46 LA Accra0302505113/44Guest House
Greater AccraJust InnOfankor11381 Accra-North270105000Guest House
Greater AccraKCS Guest HouseAdjirigano (East Legon) Ability Last StopAF 1623 Adenta0244646192/0289556630Guest House
Greater AccraKikoriko Guest HouseNorth Industrial Area2060, Kaneshie-Accra03022316001/0244566431Guest House
Greater AccraLa Paradise InnSouth LaP.O.Box OS 520 OSU0302 7762085/ 0302 914563Guest House
Greater AccraLowell Executive LodgeEast Kwabenya0302 573005 0271 497708Guest House
Greater AccraLuna Guest HouseLartebiokoshieLT 154 Laterbiokoshie244016629Guest House
Greater AccraMadison Executive Guest HouseOdorkor Official Town (nii koo)P.O. Box CT9583 Cantonment0302302688/0244Guest House
Greater AccraMagnolia LodgeEast Legon1125, Teshie Nungua0302521032/0247058858Guest House
Greater AccraMona Pee Guest HouseFrafraha- AdentaAF 1497, Adenta0244424830/0289672607Guest House
Greater AccraNew Oak Guest HosueAshongman EstateAN 19786 Accra-North0302970700/0246273940Guest House
Greater AccraPink Panter HotelAdenta eastP.O.Box 3142 Kumasi242944100Guest House
Greater AccraPomaa LodgeNorth LegonP.O.Box 1035, Dansoman estates0260 711138Guest House
Greater AccraPsalm 127 LodgeAdjiringanorAF 3068 Adenta0302543370/0244163823Guest House
Greater AccraRodnik Executive GuesthouseAmanfromKn 4904 Kaneshie0543 793999/ 0302915484Guest House
Greater AccraRye Manor HotelTeshie NunguaP.O. Box 968 Accra0274486871/0302717242Guest House
Greater AccraSperifax Guest HouseDzorwuluGP 3900 Accra0244233655/0342774951Guest House
Greater AccraSpringview Guest HouseDome Pillar 20302409264/0266656374Guest House
Greater AccraSuus Rahma GuesthouseEast AirportP.O.Box 24130289555418/ 0204338009/ Fax no. 0302816187Guest House
Greater AccraThe Rest InnTesanoP.O.ox 4837, Accra0243 639174Guest House
Greater AccraThe Swan HotelNorth-KaneshieBox Kn 5500, Accra282212250Guest House
Greater AccraTreasure Guest HouseDansomanP.O.Box 13359, Accra0244 672755Guest House
Greater AccraTriple Crown G. LodgeAbelenkpeKIA1908630276300Guest House
Greater AccraTropical Enclave Guest HouseNyaniba EstatesCt 1172, Accra0302762854 Fax 0302762848Guest House
Greater AccraView VictoriaWest Legon03027012284/0302403179Guest House
Greater Accra3K Guest HouseHaatsoAN 10506, Accra North0302510170, 0242909369, 0265979513Budget
Greater AccraA&T HotelAmasamanAT 2166, Achimota0244788301/0266180800Budget
Greater AccraAaliyah & Aluta HotelTrantra Hill0302 408915Budget
Greater AccraAams HotelKokomlemle0244 363238Budget
Greater AccraAams HotelKwame Nkrumah Circle6261,Accra North244124919Budget
Greater AccraAB Royal Gueast HouseAbenso- PokuaseGP 2326, Accra0302948152/0244242417Budget
Greater AccraAbossey Okai MotelAbossey OkaiP.O.Box 362, Accra0302 689418Budget
Greater AccraAdesko HotelDzorwulu93 Abeka302775420Budget
Greater AccraAfass LodgeAgbobga316, Madina-Accra0249608977/0241861102Budget
Greater AccraAfia Nimo GuesthouseAmasamanP.O.Box 100, Ejisu0244 723652Budget
Greater AccraAfrican Diary Guest HouseKokomlemleAN11541, Accra North243069298Budget
Greater AccraAfricana Guest HouseNorth LegonNB 208, Nii Boi Town0245435003, 0274369266Budget
Greater AccraAfridos LodgeDome15433 Accra North0302406758/0243234631Budget
Greater AccraAhomka HotelLartebiokoshieNT 418 Accra243288532Budget
Greater AccraAjenuloo hotelLa573, La302667564Budget
Greater AccraAjope lodgeAkweteman11711, Accra030297338/0244745301Budget
Greater AccraAkyaa Memorial HotelAchimota9078 KIA302968884Budget
Greater AccraAkyirem Guest HouseNorth Kaneshie10602, Accra-North0268714762/0277068173Budget
Greater AccraAlade Guest HouseAshongman Estate0244046490/0203275723Budget
Greater AccraAlex Guest HouseTaifa17167, Taifa Burkina208300845Budget
Greater AccraAlinkwat Guest HouseAblekuma- fanmilkBox 2387 Tema0241 981611Budget
Greater AccraAmazia LodgeAbossey OkaiKN 1493 Kaneshie540914243Budget
Greater AccraAmpax HotelAsylum Down17665,Accra Central302244800Budget
Greater AccraAnnanash Guest HouseDarkuman-Nyamekye129, AC, Art Center244659830Budget
Greater AccraAnnanash Guest HouseFadama125, Art Centre, Accra544000151Budget
Greater AccraAnoyeb HotelAdenta Commando1235289553715Budget
Greater AccraApugu Guest HouseNew WeijaBox 17798 Accra Central0208 436956Budget
Greater AccraAsobo Guest HouseLartebiokoshie433, Dansoman276359727Budget
Greater AccraAssurance HotelTesanoP.O.Box CT 1724, Accra Central0302 228299Budget
Greater AccraAtomic HotelDansomanDS 1168 Dansoman208120918Budget
Greater AccraBab Danjang Guest HouseAbossey OkaiGP13652302667564Budget
Greater AccraBab Danjang Guest HouseAbossey Okai13652, Accra302667564Budget
Greater AccraBatem LodgeDansomanP.O.Box 1051 Accra-NorthBudget
Greater AccraBeach Drive HotelTuba JunctionBox ML 72 Malam AccraBudget
Greater AccraBell View HotelTuduTU10, TUC AccraBudget
Greater AccraBenellacot Guest HouseAshaley Botwe1503 Teshie NunguaBudget
Greater AccraBenny's LodgeAbofuCT 6129, Cantoment0302972176 Fax 0302420123Budget
Greater AccraBerliner Guest HouseTaifa1510, AchimotaBudget
Greater AccraBest Choice HotelNew BortianorBox Bt 16 comm.2 TemaBudget
Greater AccraBethel Heights1-star
Greater AccraBig Milly's BackyardKokrobiteBoxA/N 11167 Accra North0249 999330/ 0262 999330Budget
Greater AccraBig Up's Guest HouseAwoshieKN 3274, Kaneshie0302975393/0273206923Budget
Greater AccraBobson's HotelKaneshieP.O.Box KN 435, kaneshie0302 325678Budget
Greater AccraBobson's HotelSanta MariaP.O. Box Kn 435 kaneshie302971714Budget
Greater AccraBombay HotelDarkuman-NyamekyeDC 455, Dansoman289601413Budget
Greater AccraBonsukoda LodgeMadinaP.O.Box 5623 Accra North0302 519681Budget
Greater AccraBoston Guest HouseOdorkor00654 Odorkor244154004Budget
Greater AccraBrepo G/HBudget
Greater AccraBreeze LodgeSouth OfankorAT 284, Achimota Accra0543902032/0302418259Budget
Greater AccraBremerland Paradise LodgeDome Pillar 2AC 9327, Accra0246701536/0243867672Budget
Greater AccraBritania HotelKokomlemle6043 Accra- North302224214Budget
Greater AccraBronx HotelAbeka LapazAN 15338 Accra North242511575Budget
Greater AccraCamara HotelMamprobi6677, Accra277339427Budget
Greater AccraCaribbean HotelAlajoBox AN 16933 Accra0302 223973Budget
Greater AccraCasablanca HotelOdorkor Official Town058, Cantoment289601500Budget
Greater AccraCator LodgeTeshie Nungua0243102272/0243438454Budget
Greater AccraCedi InnKokomlemleP.O.Box CT 1724, CantonmentAccra0206 220161Budget
Greater AccraCelena HotelAnyaa244622976Budget
Greater AccraCentral Station Guest HouseDansomanBox 331 Accra0244 441998Budget
Greater AccraChez Lien HotelOsu16003 KIA Accra0302775356 Fax 0302775357Budget
Greater AccraChez Lien Hotel AnnexOsu15003, Accra-KIA302765809Budget
Greater AccraChico's Lodgeaccra CentralP.O.Box 159,Dansoman0274 078319Budget
Greater AccraChrisla HotelDomeGP 13652, Accra0302413457/0208112151Budget
Greater AccraChristianborg HotelOsu Nyaniba Estate2498, Accra302776074Budget
Greater AccraCircle HotelKwame Nkrumah Circle582, Teshie Nungua30222219Budget
Greater AccraCitizen Kwesi HotelGbaweML 148, Malam302331578Budget
Greater AccraCity ApartmentsAdabrakaP.O.Box CT 1583, Cantonments0243 960528Budget
Greater AccraClesandra Guest HouseTeshie NunguaP.O.Box 1177, Teshie Nungua Estates0548203914/0273429537Budget
Greater AccraClub 10 Hotel LtdKandaP.O.Box 5348, Accra North0302 224124Budget
Greater AccraClub 1000 HotelPig Farm1061 Achimota275288143Budget
Greater AccraClub 250Dansoman250, Dansoman302300825Budget
Greater AccraCollins Gate HotelNimaBox 11281 Accra North0302 226044/0302 228044Budget
Greater AccraComfort Villa LodgeOSU-REP.O.Box GP 1106, Accra0244 448296Budget
Greater AccraComfort DelightBudget
Greater AccraCool Palace GardensDarkuman0573160306/0545298480Budget
Greater AccraCottage HotelBubuashieKN3820, Kaneshie302222736Budget
Greater AccraCountryside LodgeAmasamanGP 17314, Accra0302970222/0202011661Budget
Greater AccraCroydon Guest HouseTaifaTA 307, Taifa244507281Budget
Greater AccraCumberland HotelAdabrakaP.O.Box 10845, Accra North0244 787080Budget
Greater AccraDalla's Guest HouseAwoshie613 DS, Dansoman289530353Budget
Greater AccraDanbi's HotelChantanMB, 126 Nii Boiman0541229993/0277854375Budget
Greater AccraDate Palm HotelAdabrakaP.O.Box 16247,Accra0302 228200Budget
Greater AccraDC Royal G/HBudget
Greater AccraDaynite HotelKwashieman325, Abossey Okai0302966770/0243160696Budget
Greater AccraDelali Guest HousePokuase3, Pokuase302949232Budget
Greater AccraDee-Gold1-star
Greater AccraDe-Mod HotelTuba JunctionBox 901 Osu-Accra0302 998057/ 0244 609845Budget
Greater AccraDenree Guest HouseNew AplakuBox 303 Weija0540 431476Budget
Greater AccraDensu Site Guest HouseNew Weija723 Weija246808401Budget
Greater AccraDe-Sol LodgeAdentaAT 7950302505242/0243939262Budget
Greater AccraDome HotelKokomlemleP.O.Box 10910, Accra North0302 235462Budget
Greater AccraEast Gate Hotel2-star
Greater AccraEastwood Guest HouseAfiaman-Pokuase0244686653/0244147488Budget
Greater AccraEbony HotelKotobabi5149 Accra-North302226043Budget
Greater AccraEclipse HotelAdabraka7949 Accra North3021257263Budget
Greater AccraElany Cottage Guest HouseAbeka LapazBox 11721 Accra-North0243 776608Budget
Greater AccraElfa Boat Executive Guest HouseAwoshie1379 Kaneshi244272435Budget
Greater AccraEndless HotelAayaloloP.O.Box GP 19353, Accra0302 664097Budget
Greater AccraEno Mirekua HotelAbekaGP 13515, Accra0302228643/0246439496Budget
Greater AccraEnsafoah LodgeAdentaKB 55620302504053/0242610304Budget
Greater AccraErata Hotel2-Star
Greater AccraEssado Guest HouseNorth KanesheP.O.Box 10878, Accra North0302 228017/ 0243 133063Budget
Greater AccraEssland HotelDzorwuluDTD 152, Dzorwulu302770020Budget
Greater AccraEssado Guest HouseBudget
Greater AccraEstella Guest HouseDansomanP.O.Box 275, Accra0245 494535/ 0277 430556Budget
Greater AccraEureka HotelTesanoP.O.Box 8387,Accra North0285 050860Budget
Greater AccraEvelyn's HotelAccra CentralP.O. Box 2708,Accra Central302673562Budget
Greater AccraExecutive Gardens HotelNew WeijaBox AN 19700. Accra-North0244 539031/0542 408318Budget
Greater AccraExpo 67 HotelNew Town0302251661/0266673438Budget
Greater AccraFafa Royal HotelOdorkor Official TownKN 11, Kaneshie244483435Budget
Greater AccraFair Gardens HotelLaA 108 La302762623Budget
Greater AccraFair View Guest HouseTaifa1492, Kaneshi0208221905, 0302407660Budget
Greater AccraFBK Guest HouseMadina EstateP.O. Box GP 4316 Accra302541048Budget
Greater AccraFestus HotelPokuase13520, Accra0272937708/0244603744Budget
Greater AccraFlorensa HotelTabora Alhaji243669001Budget
Greater AccraFoanco Guest HouseDome12398, Dome240716540Budget
Greater AccraFoanco Guest HouseDome024037206540/0302415971Budget
Greater AccraFoba Guest HouseTeshie Nungua839, Teshie Nungua EstateBudget
Greater AccraFrankies HotelNima82, Nima289553194Budget
Greater AccraFriends Guest HouseNungua25, Atwere GonnoBudget
Greater AccraGenesis Guest HouseWeija SCCBox WJ 921 Weija0572 261530Budget
Greater AccraGerman Guest HouseDarkuman-Nyamekye6835, Accra-North244634545Budget
Greater AccraGhasom HotelAdabraka0302 957641Budget
Greater AccraGloryland HotelOdorkor2562 Accra0302304700/0244058227Budget
Greater AccraGolden Egg HotelDansoman4444, KaneshieBudget
Greater AccraGolden Roses Guest HouseIron City0543 929686Budget
Greater AccraGood Hope HotelKotobabi11185, Accra302229729Budget
Greater AccraGood Night HotelDansomanDc 1134, Dansoman0265261212/0302308330Budget
Greater AccraGood Shepherd HomeKwashiebuAB 354, Abeka02774009819/03029411462Budget
Greater AccraGood Shepherd LodgeDansoman170, Dansoman0302319872/0244520278Budget
Greater AccraGrace Bay HotelOyibi Saasabi JunctionP.O. Box MP 5860302964379/0240869711Budget
Greater AccraGrace Executive LodgeGbaweAN 15003 Accra North0208112302/0277834251Budget
Greater AccraGrace Jones Guest HouseOsuBox A758 La03027158820/0244033657Budget
Greater AccraGrace Jones Guest HouseTeshieP.O.Box A758, La302715882Budget
Greater AccraGreat Garden HotelOdorkor117 Co Tema244621030Budget
Greater AccraGolden Spoon Hotel1-star
Greater AccraGreenford HotelKotobabi1973 Accra0302221593/0208477244Budget
Greater AccraGreenhand HotelNorth KaneshieKN 1130, Kaneshie302226445Budget
Greater AccraGreenleaf HotelOsu0289 553664Budget
Greater AccraGuest VillaAbokobi14 Abokobi277818438Budget
Greater AccraHamdallah Guest HouseMamobi19091 Accra-North302235365Budget
Greater AccraHansonic HotelDansoman1526, Mamprobi209108021Budget
Greater AccraHaoxin HotelOsu-Ako AdjeiP.O. Box AD503, ACCRA0243337165,03022768056Budget
Greater AccraHorak HotelkokomlemleP.O.Box 7984,Accra North0302 236348Budget
Greater AccraHardds LodgeMadinaP.O.Box 829 madina0249 202790Budget
Greater AccraHendin Court Guest HouseNungua BarrierP.O.Box GT 222, Accra302717412Budget
Greater AccraHenhertty Guest HouseKwabenya0302 941341 0302 941342Budget
Greater AccraHeritage Investment HotelSpintex Road18162,Airport0302813173/0245033787Budget
Greater AccraHi Club HotelMataheko12831, Accra0302307522/0242910496Budget
Greater AccraHill View Guest houseNew GbaweML 136, Malam307010167Budget
Greater AccraHoly Trinity Guest HouseDome Pillar 21331 Kaneshie Accra0289549929/0302432517Budget
Greater AccraHome Life HotelKotobabi2293 Accra0302222543/0244982478Budget
Greater AccraHorak HotelKokomlemle0302236343/00242755168Budget
Greater AccraHot Pant HotelNorth Kaneshie10705 Accra North302220054Budget
Greater AccraHotel AlbenizSanta Maria1551 KN, Kaneshie277409945Budget
Greater AccraHotel Bora BoraTeshie Nungua EstateP.O. Box 1992 Teshie Nungua0302716423/0244185280Budget
Greater AccraHotel CaledoniaNew AchimotaPM 1550, Accra302402560Budget
Greater AccraHotel CaliforniaAdabrakaP.O.Box 7337, Accra North0302 226199Budget
Greater AccraHotel C'est Si BonKokomlemleP.O Box 1389, Accra0302 946646Budget
Greater AccraHotel Chez-MoiEast Legon10362, Accra North0244567018/0244663693Budget
Greater AccraHotel ConstanceAdentaP.O.Box 16592 Accra North0248 292055Budget
Greater AccraHotel Crown PrinceAdabrakaP.O.Box 4005, Accra Main0302 225381Budget
Greater AccraHotel De BellaDansoman211 Dansoman0244275170/0275143824Budget
Greater AccraHotel De CaliforniaAdabraka7337, Accra North302226199Budget
Greater AccraHotel De LapazAbeka LapazKN 2594, Kaneshie244215777Budget
Greater AccraHotel De LapazNii Boi TownKN 2594, Kaneshie302963043Budget
Greater AccraHotel De MayfairMataheko2878, Accra244057912Budget
Greater AccraHotel De PapallionLartebiokorshieMP 887, Mamprobi0244263167/0277799988Budget
Greater AccraHotel De SunshineAbossey OkaiP.O.Box K 5433, Kaneshie0302 675279Budget
Greater AccraHotel Evans QNorth Kaneshie28 DTD, Cantoment302235442Budget
Greater AccraHotel L'ambianceKpeheP.O.Box 7810, Accra North0302 947958Budget
Greater AccraHotel NagaharaAnyaaGP 3783, Accra302910390Budget
Greater AccraHotel PresidentAdabrakaP.O.Box 7842 Accra North0302 223343Budget
Greater AccraHotel SalleriaOdorkorKn 752 Kaneshie289100386Budget
Greater AccraHotel San GiogiorAkweteman1207 DC Dansoman- AccraBudget
Greater AccraHouse of Lords Hotel LTDFeo EyooP.O.Box 4190,Accra246605532Budget
Greater AccraIdyllic Moments Guest HouseHaatso, EcomogAN 15676, Accra North202017541Budget
Greater AccraIkem Guest HouseNew WeijaBox DC 426 Dansoman Accran-Accra0545 350350/0302 854988Budget
Greater AccraIngot HotelAdabrakaP.O.Box 17247, Accra0302 957250Budget
Greater AccraInter Royals Guest HouseNew GbaweOS 7260, Osu302330420Budget
Greater AccraInternational Guest HouseAshiyie19372, Accra0244222688/0289520350Budget
Greater AccraJahLove HotelSanta Maria505 N, Accra New Town0244037689/03029911940Budget
Greater AccraJako HotelMadina New Road126 Legon0244273947/0277640186Budget
Greater AccraJane Davis LodgeAmanfrom GaliliaBox OK 349 Kasoa0208 87003/0234 584167Budget
Greater AccraJefkings Palace HotelFrafrahaLG 690, Legon244665744Budget
Greater AccraJempat HotelWest Adenta Sakora Road (SDA)P.O.Box 404 Osu Accra0302 984338Budget
Greater AccraJenos HotelKpeheP.O.Box 3622, Accra0302 233700Budget
Greater AccraJoecat Guest HouseAwoshieKN 2171, Kaneshie246741569Budget
Greater AccraJoekob Guest HouseKasoa Official Town289676343Budget
Greater AccraJoeregi HotelAbossey Okai700 Dansoman0302664051/0244281082Budget
Greater AccraJoeregi HotelNii Boi Town1135, Dansoman0302664051/0244281082Budget
Greater AccraJolee Guest HouseKwabenyaBox KD 1237, Kanda0244 021783Budget
Greater AccraJones HotelParaku EstateDTD EO 3830341305Budget
Greater AccraJoska Lodge Osu05868 Osu302948391Budget
Greater AccraK Manger HotelBubuashieKAN 5318272298217Budget
Greater AccraKorkdam Hotel2-star
Greater AccraKad HotelMatahekoP.O.Box 15135 Accra North0244 611537/ fax no. 0302 315068Budget
Greater AccraKaneshie Modern HotelMataheko6579, Acrra302305741Budget
Greater AccraKasai Plaza HotelSowutuom7337, Accra-North0302409560/0243130895Budget
Greater AccraKembs HotelMamprobi3440, Accra302307781Budget
Greater AccraKembs HotelMataheko3640, Accra302305760Budget
Greater AccraKing and Queens HotelDarkuman277267921Budget
Greater AccraKing of Kings HotelOdorkorBox AN 10252 Accra Nrth0205 454416Budget
Greater AccraKing Shasha HotelNew Weija900 New WeijaBudget
Greater AccraKings Court Hotel LtdTuduBox 1439 Accra0302 665679/ 0302 660036Budget
Greater AccraKings Gate Guest HouseSanta MariaKN 3248, KaneshieBudget
Greater AccraKinshasha HotelNew WeijaBox 900 New Weia0302 851331Budget
Greater AccraKodabs HotelKwabenyaBox 10970, Accra North0248 641125Budget
Greater AccraKohinoor HotelOsuBox 18118, KIA302774602Budget
Greater AccraKorle Beach ResortKorle GonnoP.O.Box MP 1744 Mamprobi0244 427533/ 0208 119821Budget
Greater AccraKormens HotelBaastona9959 KLA0289579405/0244575758Budget
Greater AccraKrama Guest HouseBubuashie21507 Accra Central302979944Budget
Greater AccraKum HotelAbeka Lapaz5983, Accra-North262856073Budget
Greater AccraKunta Kinte LodgeKaneshie5053 North Kaneshie0201753064/020362236Budget
Greater AccraKwabesco HotelNii Boi TownM 99, Ministries- Accra0209169845/0242358560Budget
Greater AccraKwaysibea HotelAnyaaDC 1335, Dansoman248041306Budget
Greater AccraKyekyewere LodgeAdabrakaP.O.Box 14460, Accra0302412404/0243624610Budget
Greater AccraKyekyewere LodgeTaifaP.O.Box 14460, Accra0302412404, 0243624610, 0274768908Budget
Greater AccraKyn Haytt HotelOsuP.O.Box 5331,osu302765432Budget
Greater AccraLa Lune LodgeSouth OdorkorDS 1591 Dansoman302313611Budget
Greater AccraLake BosomtwiOsu Ako AdeiP.O Box 1914, Osu307011301Budget
Greater AccraLakisha HotelFise- Amasaman11009, Adum-Kumasi0247979336/0262224815Budget
Greater AccraLegacy HotelNorth Kaneshie1744 Accra302225034Budget
Greater AccraLeisure Hours HotelNunguaP.O.Box 94, Nungua277335043Budget
Greater AccraLe-Sega Guest HouseLapazC01213, Tema0302253241/030957583Budget
Greater AccraLevel's LodgeDansomanP.O.Box DS 964, Dasoman0277 601389/ 0277 290416Budget
Greater AccraLevels Two HotelSakamanP.O.Box DS 964, Dasoman0277 601389/Budget
Greater AccraLa Paradise InnBudget
Greater AccraLife and Living Guest HouseSanta Maria426 STC Yard, Accra0276230782/0202726691Budget
Greater AccraLinks Garden HotelNii Boi Town13179, Accra302402552Budget
Greater AccraLion's PalaceKorle Gonno965, Mamprobi302669300Budget
Greater AccraLividas Guest HouseTabora, AlhajiMS 281, Mile 7208224101Budget
Greater AccraLou-Ralph Guest HouseDome Pillar 2At 430, AchimotaBudget
Greater AccraLoving Blue HotelTaifaTA 199, Taifa0302949834,0246702965Budget
Greater AccraLucky LodgeNorth Kaneshie744 Accra-North0302971297/0244447076Budget
Greater AccraMainland HotelAbelenkpe6505 Accra-North302778243Budget
Greater AccraMajestic HotelNorth KaneshieNK 283 North Kaneshie233292622Budget
Greater AccraMakay Guest HouseMcCarthy hillBox DC 248 DansomanBudget
Greater AccraMahogany LodgeBudget
Greater AccraMascot Hotel1-star
Greater AccraMakk Guest HouseTeshie Nungua EstatesP.O.Box TU 27 Accra302717890Budget
Greater AccraMaliba Guest HouseDome48, Abeka246172631Budget
Greater AccraMalrose Luxurious LodgeAblekumaBox 628 Odorkor0243 936272Budget
Greater AccraMambo Guest HouseDarkumanCT 8854, Cantoment302954036Budget
Greater AccraMambo GuestHouseSowutuomBox 8854 Cantoments0302 954036Budget
Greater AccraMandon guest houseHaastoOS 1752, Osu244686260Budget
Greater AccraManglad HotelNew Aplaku29, Dansoman-Accra2422722909Budget
Greater AccraMangoes LodgeHaastoAE 48, Atomic243161002Budget
Greater AccraMarcbeas HotelAmanfromBox 1929 Dansoman- Accra0244 968414/0277 738950Budget
Greater AccraMarisa HotelMadina Old RoadPMB 158 Madina0266555200/0540464565Budget
Greater AccraMaritime LodgeNunguaBudget
Greater AccraMarymart HotelAsylum DownP.O.Box 5316, Accra North244723718Budget
Greater AccraMaurice HotelAwoshie14429, Accra243364313Budget
Greater AccraMavis HotelAsylum DownP.O.Box 3374 Accra0302 225426Budget
Greater AccraMayor HotelNimaP.O.Box 1976 Accra Central244233276Budget
Greater AccraMay's Canadian Guest HouseMcCarthy HillDC 689 Dansoman-Accra273255145Budget
Greater AccraMenso Guest HouseAccra CentralP.O.Box14577 Accra Central302663581Budget
Greater AccraMepps Guest HouseAshongmanML 475, Mallam302978198Budget
Greater AccraMerciful HotelAlajoP.O.Box NT 84, Accra Newtown0208 122864/ 0208 471319Budget
Greater AccraMeswill HotelNew Weija0302850573/0244102333Budget
Greater AccraMexico HotelKpeheP.O.Box 211440302 240080Budget
Greater AccraMighty Gift HotelHaasto19140, Accra-North302522433Budget
Greater AccraMina HotelNew Achimota1536, Kaneshie0277585898/0243856964Budget
Greater AccraMina's Guest HouseAwoshieSK, 567, Sakumono244566188Budget
Greater AccraMonrose Guest HouseAdenta Sakora RoadP.O.Box 5119 Accra North0246 523391/ 0302961783Budget
Greater AccraMountain Guest HouseChantanCT 2193, Cantoment208800905Budget
Greater AccraNagasaki HotelNew Achimotaah 1015,achimota023323923,020 7556771Budget
Greater AccraNana Gyimah HotelCircle6743, Accra North245022246Budget
Greater AccraNao's InnDansomanM438 Accra03023101941,0276029442Budget
Greater AccraNapoleon HotelDzorwuluAc 6649, Accra0302734573 Fax 0302734572Budget
Greater AccraNapoli LodgeNew Aplaku JerusalemBox12099 Accra-North0208 121791Budget
Greater AccraNasia HotelLartebiokorshieGP 2685, Accra278680475Budget
Greater AccraNew Casanova HotelTuduP.O.Box8153,Accra North0302 679470/ 660536Budget
Greater AccraNew Pinnacle HotelBudget
Greater AccraNew City LodgeTaifa582, Taifa0302413191/0546161003Budget
Greater AccraNew Florida Guest HouseDome206622784Budget
Greater AccraNew Haven HotelKokomlemleP.O.Box 19217, Accra0302 222053Budget
Greater AccraNew Kokomlemle Guest HouseKokomlemleP.O.Box NT 413 New Town0302 224581Budget
Greater AccraNew Odasani HotelOdorkor Official Town396 Achimota302304958Budget
Greater AccraNew Vision HotelNew WeijaBox 2815 kaneshie0244 285482/0540 0217Budget
Greater AccraNext Guest HouseNew Achimota15765,accra north204334000Budget
Greater AccraNiagara Plus HotelOsu 4079, Accra302772402Budget
Greater AccraNicolizy HotelNorth OdorkorOD 19 odorkor0302972991,0302322106Budget
Greater AccraNico's LodgeTesanoP.O.Box AH 93, Achimota0302 221157Budget
Greater AccraNkwadum HotelAwodome estateP.O.Box 5313, Accra North0302 227937Budget
Greater AccraNormans guest houseAmanfrom Iron City12 Trade Fair- AccraBudget
Greater AccraNkrumah M. HotelBudget
Greater AccraNothingham House HotelSakamanK 799, Accra-New Town208122287Budget
Greater AccraNottingham HotelKokomlemleP.O.Box K 799, Accra New town0208 122287Budget
Greater AccraNyarkoah Memorial HotelAshaley Botwe New Town-Down784, Accra541701628Budget
Greater AccraOcans Guest HouseLartebiokorshie433, Dansoman302965135Budget
Greater AccraOcans Guest HouseMamprobi302965135Budget
Greater AccraOld Swan Guest HouseGbawe114, Mamprobi0242306936/0289104251Budget
Greater AccraOld Swan Guest HouseKwashieman1142 MP,Mamprobi289674257Budget
Greater AccraOlives Guest HouseKisseman289522100Budget
Greater AccraOmega Guest HouseOsuSD 242 Osu302783954Budget
Greater AccraOsda House Company LtdLartebiokorshie0302670595/0245113509Budget
Greater AccraOtumfuo HotelCantonments5313, Accra North302774827Budget
Greater AccraOut Back LodgeNunguaP.O. Box B31, Regimanuel Estates289549585Budget
Greater AccraOware Guest HouseHaasto289535437Budget
Greater AccraOye HotelAshaley Botwe New Town825, Tema243274547Budget
Greater AccraOzarks View LodgeDome2129, Achimota0302402423, 0540874237Budget
Greater AccraPaako Guest HouseTabora No.2113, Nii Boye287058613Budget
Greater AccraPenwood HotelBudget
Greater AccraPacific HotelAdabrakaP.O.Box 8593, Accra0302 243630Budget
Greater AccraPalm HotelKokomlemleP.O.Box GP 1833, Accra0208 174084Budget
Greater AccraParamount HotelDomeM 451, Accra242241277Budget
Greater AccraParapong Guest HouseDansomanDS 1049, DansomanBudget
Greater AccraParrot HotelKotobabi2903 Accra-North243456845Budget
Greater AccraPeace Inn Mall's Guest HouseKwabenyaP.O. Box HP 753545440874Budget
Greater AccraPeace Parlour Guest HouseChorkorLT 81 La-Korshie203771935Budget
Greater AccraPecobb Guest houseSowutuomKA 9960 Airport Accra289102815Budget
Greater AccraPerfect Peace HotelSouth Ofankor613, Mile7277410033Budget
Greater AccraPerita LodgeTaboraGP 13053 Accra0243702556/0302411515Budget
Greater AccraPhanerosis Guest HouseWest KwabenyaKN 5577, Accra-North246432728Budget
Greater AccraPhantom HotelAbeka LapazAN 15338 Accra North0543396440/0302281223Budget
Greater AccraPlace guest houseDarkumanDs11012,sakumono0222414655/0246274381Budget
Greater AccraPekan HotelsBudget
Greater AccraPleasure GardensOfankor0541767333/0208151423Budget
Greater AccraPorta Aperta HotelDansomenDC 636, Dansoman277292000Budget
Greater AccraPotomac Royal LodgeNorth Gbawe242945810Budget
Greater AccraPremier LodgeCircleP.O.Box 145 kanda0244 755024/ 0507 755024Budget
Greater AccraPrinceway HotelKpehe ABC TransportP.O.Box 8127,Accra North0302 242225Budget
Greater AccraPrisam Guest HouseOff SpintexKA 30303302810326Budget
Greater AccraQueens Bridge Guest HouseTaifaTA 401, Taifa- Accra0302415620/0275665665Budget
Greater AccraQuiet Gardens HotelMatahekoP.O.Box 196 J.T (JamesTown)-Accra0288 282219Budget
Greater AccraRasco HotelMadina Zongo Junction644 Madina242238946Budget
Greater AccraRegal Renaissance Guest houseosuOS 2194, OSU0276090186/02430401922Budget
Greater AccraRegina Guest HouseTantra Hill544380949Budget
Greater AccraResidence J HotelHaastoCT 599, Cantonment508589770Budget
Greater AccraRex HotelKokomlemleP.O.Box 8509, Accra North0275 410266Budget
Greater AccraRichop Executive HotelAccra New TownPMB 41244783673Budget
Greater AccraRiver Way HotelSouth Odorkor2529,Accra243256688Budget
Greater AccraRoda HotelTaifa EastGP 14762, Dome0302421928/0287249034Budget
Greater AccraRoots and Branches Guest HouseEast LegonP.O.Box c/o LG 38 Legon0232 2501530Budget
Greater AccraRosagyam HotelSouth Odorkor4808, Accra302933729Budget
Greater AccraRose of Sharon HotelTaifa584, Taifa0302406592, 0244925832Budget
Greater AccraRosewell Guest HouseMadina Redco Down16649 Accra-North0247935787/0302936821Budget
Greater AccraRoyal LodgeAccra NewtownP.O. Box GP 1833 Accra208174084Budget
Greater AccraSakdana Guest HouseBabayara-madinaP.O.Box 646 Tema0302 978546Budget
Greater AccraSamartine HotelKwabenya0302 424846Budget
Greater AccraSampson's Guest HotelSanta Maria12880 Accra North209047170Budget
Greater AccraSantana Guest HouseChorkor93, Achimota)302221157Budget
Greater AccraSantana HotelTesanoP.O.Box AH 93, Achimota0302 221157Budget
Greater AccraSantana LodgeAbeka93, Achimota302221157Budget
Greater AccraSappora HotelNorth-KaneshieKN 131 North Kaneshie244797905Budget
Greater AccraSerena Guest HouseAwoshieBox 1717 kaneshie0208 181131Budget
Greater AccraShakey's Guest HouseNew Achimota5473620731Budget
Greater AccraShalom LodgeAdentaP.O.Box CT 14483 Cantoments0244 116888Budget
Greater AccraShiva HotelNew TownNT 261, Accra New Town302234846Budget
Greater AccraSidi Star Guest HouseKotobabiKD 234, Kanda208112972Budget
Greater AccraSiesta HotelDansoman79, Dansoman0302310893/0243324444Budget
Greater AccraSilence HotelAccra New Town1833 Accra CentralBudget
Greater AccraSilver Gate HotelNorth Kaneshie13937, Accra302226997Budget
Greater AccraSir Bee Guest HouseAdenta Housing DownAF 86, Adenta-Accra0302505016/0277760273 Fax 0302505016Budget
Greater AccraSir Jones Hotelcomm 15, Paraku EstateE 038(OM155)22413035Budget
Greater AccraSkan Guest HouseNunguaP.O.Box 1910, Tema266403539Budget
Greater AccraSky Brite HotelWest Legon235, Tema206567756Budget
Greater AccraSkydome HotelAnyaa0247 481838/0302 92268Budget
Greater AccraSkyline Guest HouseAshaley BotweCt 1803, Cantoment572290194Budget
Greater AccraSparks HotelAbelenkpeDTD 75 cantoment245969804Budget
Greater AccraSSA Guest HouseNima2202, Accra302244889Budget
Greater AccraSt George HotelAdabrakaP.O.Box 9184, Airport Accra0302 24699Budget
Greater AccraSt Sam HotelAsylum DownP.O.Box 17247, Accra0302 234953Budget
Greater AccraSt. Laurence HotelNew AchimotaAn 15603,accra north244185012Budget
Greater AccraStandard LodgeAlajoBudget
Greater AccraStarlite LodgeTeshie Nungua Estates244871892Budget
Greater AccraSue's InnTaifaP.O. Box 265 Achimota289300710Budget
Greater AccraSuma Court HotelHaastoBox GP 1878, Accra0208 151377Budget
Greater AccraSummerland Guest HouseNew Achimotams 299,mile 7302418341Budget
Greater AccraSunny Coast HotelNew WeijaBox 18232 Accra0244 868234/ 0242 679100Budget
Greater AccraSupreme Avenue HotelAbofuBox 387, Achimota0274 200043Budget
Greater AccraSurprise LodgeAwoshieBox 1445 Mamprobi0244 617040/0244 266958Budget
Greater AccraSwigha Guest HouseAbelenkpeC 2831244251351Budget
Greater AccraSwiss Palm LodgeTeshie NunguaP.O.Box 6899, Accra244628571Budget
Greater AccraSwiss Rest LodgeLaboneOS 1563, Osu302779078Budget
Greater AccraT. K Asaasi Yaa HotelKrokobiteAC 197, Art Center549166225Budget
Greater AccraTabron HotelAbeka Lapaz4769, Accra0302400466/0265107383Budget
Greater AccraTaj MahalRace Court 4886 Accra028735241/0274012492Budget
Greater AccraTano Guest HouseAbelenkpe1213, Madina302777968Budget
Greater AccraTayco LodgeLartebiokorshie7642, Accra-North302677131Budget
Greater AccraTelecentre Bed & BreakfastNew AchimotaAn 5496,accra north302412484Budget
Greater AccraThe Post LodgeKpeheP.O.Box 401 KN,Accra0206 452279Budget
Greater AccraThe Shield HotelAsylum DownP.O.Box AN 15338, Accra North0302 226302Budget
Greater AccraThe Tops HotelSouth Dzorwulu6817 Accra302935802Budget
Greater AccraTime Guest HouseNew GbaweBox 110 kaneshie0243 853201/ 0270 853201Budget
Greater AccraTime Square LodgeAsylum DownP.O.Box 5301, Accra North0302 222694Budget
Greater AccraTomorrow Today Guest HouseChantan15433 Accra North244274240Budget
Greater AccraTop LodgeTantra HillBox 3619, Accra0289 553003 0203 310433Budget
Greater AccraToppers Guest HouseDomeC 2831, Cantoment302936994Budget
Greater AccraTorica Guest HouseOff Spintex297,Sakumono274914149Budget
Greater AccraToronto By Night Guest HouseAwoshie2036 Accra-Central0244276472/0302910403Budget
Greater AccraTosway HotelDomeAT 268, Achimota Mkt0244702669/0302404777Budget
Greater AccraTown and Country HotelTantra Hill0244 521712Budget
Greater Accra UDS Guest House2-star
Greater AccraUltimate HotelKorkordzorBox AN 7889, Accra-North0208 948281Budget
Greater AccraUnique View Guest houseMcCarthy HillBudget
Greater AccraUshaka Valley HotelPokuase ACPTa 653,taifa279482233Budget
Greater AccraValentine Cottagekwashieman4874, Accra0302306376/0244888482Budget
Greater AccraVenaco LodgeNorth KaneshieNT 485 New Town302220534Budget
Greater AccraVictory Hotel LTDAvenorP.O. Box 5853 Accra North302225929Budget
Greater AccraVienna Guest HouseChorkor962, Korle-bu0277133364/02081150046Budget
Greater AccraVila LodgeSpintex RoadP.O.Box 1367 Teshie Nugua0302 813682Budget
Greater AccraVine Guest HouseNew AchimotaCT 3127,CANTOMENT030251590,0248200400Budget
Greater AccraViola Guest HouseDome2073670029Budget
Greater AccraVirgin Island Guest HouseDansomanBudget
Greater Accravis-à-vis hotelSakamanBox 10684,Accra-North302315131Budget
Greater AccraWashington View Guest HouseAdjiringanoAn 5496,accra north302412484Budget
Greater AccraWaterside Gardens GuesthouseLower McCarthy Hill Mendskrom0278 141756Budget
Greater AccraWeema HotelAmanfromP.O.Box 694 Madina Accra0242 433968/ 0289 673575Budget
Greater AccraWestland Precious HotelPig farmP.O.Box 24674 kaneshie, Accra0302 235106Budget
Greater AccraWintata LodgeAdentaG 55 Kaneshie0244 222444Budget
Greater AccraWorlako HotelMatahekoP.O.Box 100076 Accra North0302 305294Budget
Greater AccraX Touch Guest HouseNew OgbojoMD 397, Madina0244377335/2042216863Budget
Greater AccraXI LodgeAdjiringano, East LegonP.O.Box LG551, Legon0302 913724/ 0244408871Budget
Greater AccraYakan Guest HouseDome8875, Accra- NorthBudget
Greater AccraYas HotelTudu0302686975/0244282389Budget
Greater AccraYellow City HotelAbbosey- Okai3586 Cantonment244934013Budget
Zeus HotelKpeheP.O.Box 4462,Accra0302 220506Budget

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