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Ghana Hotels Association was formed in 1975 and is made up of Managing Proprietors, Managing Directors or Accredited Representatives of Hotels, Motels, and Guest Houses that have been certified and licensed by the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) to offer accommodation, catering and other tourism services in Ghana.  Based on GTA categorisation, members have facilities that are certified as either budget or one to five stars.

Membership of the Ghana Hotels Association comes with a number of benefits, some of which are enumerated below:The association gives members a sense of belonging and creates opportunities for social and business networking

The National officers of the association comprise a president, first and second vice presidents, Secretary, assistant Secretary, treasurer, financial secretary and four trustees. 

Regional officers comprise of the regional chairperson, vice regional chairperson, regional secretary, treasurer, financial secretary and patron

The Association has its national secretariat in the Hotcatt building in Accra with three personnel namely the executive secretary, office administrator and office clerk.     


What's happening

Swearing in ceremony

Swearing in newly elected national officers.

Award ceremony

2015 National awards for  hotels

Awards ceremony

2015 National awards for  hotels


Four year vision plan of GHA

Swearing in of newly elected national executives

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Dr. Edward Ackah-Nyamike Jnr


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Dr. Abraham Ahinful

1st Vice-President

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Mrs. Juliet Taylor

2nd Vice-President

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